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CardinalRain, founded in 2018, is the leading operating manager of two incubation centers in Taiwan. It has been incubating hundreds of startups in Taiwan over the past 5 years, with many of the incubatee companies reach US$100m valuation or above.

Part of FCC Partners ecosystem, CardinalRain introduces startups to global capital, business partners, potential customers and state-of-the-art business and technology ideas. The company is well connected with the government, financial sector, TWSE listed companies and global conglomerates, and consistently acts as a bridge between startups and capital markets.

Four incubation centers managed by CardinalRain are NTPC-AWS Joint Innovation Center, Innosquare, Angong Youth Start-up Hub and SKYLINE.

CardinalRain was founded by Mr. CY Huang, a reputable investment banker and key opinion leader in the Greater China region. CY is also the founder of FCC Partners, a leading boutique investment bank and fund house based in Taiwan with offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

What makes CardinalRain truly unique are its unparalleled resources and systematic acceleration plans.  CardinalRain aims to be the best partner for startups in Taiwan, bringing Taiwan to the world and the world to Taiwan.


NTPC-AWS Joint Innovation Center 


NTPC-AWS Joint Innovation Center was founded by Amazon Web Services, New Taipei City Government, and FCC Partners, operated by CardinalRain, and officially opened on the 10th of August, 2018. 



To foster the startup industry, New Taipei City was the first city to establish a youth entrepreneurship incubator. InnoSquare was established in 2014   and operated by CardinalRain since Dec 2020.

Andong Youth Start-up Hub


The Andong Youth Start-up Hub was established by the Taoyuan City Government in 2017, with 3R (AR/VR/MR), ICT, digital content and other technologies as its development focus, operated by CardinalRain in 2023.



SKYLINE was established by the Taoyuan City Government in 2023 to help entrepreneurs obtain domestic and foreign entrepreneurial resources, partners, professional consulting and market opportunities, operated by CardinalRain since 2023.


Profile: FCC Partners' CY Huang

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C.Y. Huang


Jim Wang


Julian Su


Vivian Chang


Great Fortune Capital

Great Fortune Capital, an affiliate of FCC Partners, is a leading venture capital fund manager based in Taipei.

Targeting AI, IOT and cloud & big data industries, Great Fortune Capital has been playing a key role in Taiwan's

innovation and startup communities. In addition to Taiwan, Great Fortune Capital also invests companies in China, USA and Southeast Asia directly, and maintains a comprehensive network of VCs and Incubators in all these regions.

Great Fortune Capital also works closely with FCC Partners and CardinalRain. As the investment arm of FCC Partners Group, Great Fortune Capital can create significant values to startups and early stage companies in terms of capital, strategic partners and business opportunities.

FCC Partners Ecosystem

FCC Partners is the leading boutique investment bank in the Greater China.  Our team of experienced professional bankers are among the most acclaimed and reputable in the areas of cross-border merger and acquisition, private placement, and financial advisory services.  We serve clients in the Greater China, SouthEast and NorthEast Asia Regions, covering manufacturing, high-tech, infrastructure, finance as well as new-economy sectors.  We specialize in helping our clients solve complex financial problems, especially those that involve cross-border complexities that require innovative solutions.  

FCC Partners puts specific focus on helping our clients harness social impact, grow rapidly, create maximum shareholder values, and become sustainable sector leaders.

Innosquare is part of FCC ecosystem. 

Please visit FCC Partners website for more information.(https://www.fccpartner.com/)


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